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The Institutional Set Up in the Livestock Sector in Uttarakhand was inherited from Uttar Pradesh, from which the new state was carved out and is more or less identical to the set up in UP. The department is represented in the government by the Secretary, Animal Husbandry who is supported in the implementation of all the programs related to the livestock sector by the officers and employees of the DAH. The DAH is headed by the Director, Animal Husbandry functioning from the Directorate of Animal Husbandry in the state capital. The state as a whole is divided into two divisions Garhwal and Kumaun under the administrative control of one Additional Director each. Read More

The district level offices are managed by Chief Veterinary Officers who in turn are supported in the implementation of all the programs related to the department by the field Veterinary Officers and other Para-veterinary staff through its Veterinary Hospitals, Dispensaries and other production support institutions. As in all other states the institutional set up in the livestock sector in Uttarakhand is entirely in the domain of the government and all livestock services are provided by the government through its Department of Animal Husbandry (DAH). The DAH has inherited a vast network of services delivery institutions spread throughout the state, many production support institutions, infrastructure for semen / liquid nitrogen production and distribution, laboratories for disease investigation, feed testing; and grading centres and laboratories for wool grading and quality assurance. At present the department has 308 Veterinary Hospitals, 744 Veterinary Dispensaries and 133 other institutions for Sheep development. All the departmental institutions impart various services like Animal treatment, Vaccination, Castration, Drenching, Dipping, Artificial Insemination etc to the livestock farmers and have to report their achivements / progress on a monthly basis to the higher authorities which is compiled on District / Mandal and State level for further reporting to the government. Till now this reporting is being done manually on prescribed formats. However this is a tedious process and there are chances of extraneous errors creeping in at all levels. Need has long been felt to integrate and computerize this reporting. This MIS Application is the first step towards enabling Online Reporting of MPRs wherein institutions will be able to report their achivements on a monthly basis through Online Software. This will help in reducing their workload as it will require minimum manual calculations thus minimizing chances of manual / mathematical errors, and will also help in streamlining and swift reporting.

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